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Astrology, Plasma Cosmology and Electromagnetism #2

Second Part

Part 1

"Sorath stated that all Suns in the Universe affect us, not only our own."


The previous article was written more to prepare you for this article and to teach you a little bit of the literature.

Now I can talk about spiritual matters.

I started this article with a quote from Lord Sorath, but what exactly does this quote mean?

How could all the stars in the universe affect us? Isn't the universe infinite?

As I mentioned earlier, all the galaxies are electromagnetically connected to each other, and the stars are connected to their galaxies and planets, so all the stars in the universe are connected to each other.

And that brings us to the fact that indeed all stars can affect us.

And this is very probably the explanation for what Lord Sorath is talking about.

If you have a good connection with the Gods, do me a favor and ask me if I'm right about this. I especially ask this of the High Priest HoodedCobra666

So how exactly do the stars affect us? We know that the sun has an electromagnetic connection with the planets through its birkeland currents, but how does this electromagnetic connection affect us humans?

Regardless of all these questions, I was randomly browsing through old spiritual satanism sites and came across a book by an old High Priestess. What I found there could answer all these questions.

Download PDF • 2.95MB

Here is an important excerpt from that book:


The True Structure of the Gentile Soul: The Four Pillars

At this moment I cannot go into to much detail, but the point of writing this is to give

what Knowledge of the Gentile Soul the Gods gave to me and my Satanic Wife, to my

Brothers and Sisters in Satan.

“What Are the Four Pillars of the Soul?” – Well, the Four Pillars of the Soul are

exactly that. The Structure of the Soul was shown to me by the Gods. And our

Soul is, as William Quinstcher describes (Before all his work was stolen by

Franz Bardon) a tetra-polar magnet.

Our Soul, which is created by Father Satan, is structured as four pillars separated

into two sections by the "Three Knots". It is in these four Pillars that the Elements, in

their purest form are Divided, Condensed and Balanced.

Each of these “Pillars” is a Magnet, containing a Pole; hence the Tetra-Polar Magnet [Four Poled Magnet]

However, There is in-fact a Fifth Pole, the point where the Four Pillars Meet. Yes,

At the Point where the Four Poles join a Fifth Pole is created, and just the same,

where the Four Elements meet within these Pillars a Fifth Element is created –


This is not to say that the Akasha itself is created by joining the Four Elements, No,

the elements are created from the Askaha. However in terms of the Human Soul, and

Subsequently the Tetra-Polar Magnet, things are slightly different, And I am certain

that the “Spirit” comprising us – Gentiles – is different from just the Raw Akasha.

More Details will be added when Father Satan decides so. For now however this

should shed enough light to pursue your own research and start making sense of all

the bullshit that has been spread over the many years regarding the “Soul”.


[*Writer's Notes:

"The Equal Armed Iron Cross is seen in most Demon Sigils and represents the correct alignment of the chakras and the shape of the human soul."

This symbol, as stated on its own page, shows the shape of the soul, that is, the four pillars of the soul, the four-pole magnet.

Each of the four pillars you see represents an element, and the point where they meet in the middle is the ether, or akasha.

Also, as I will explain later, each element has an aspect of electromagnetism. ]

This will make it easier for you to understand what is going on.

As explained above, the soul is literally a magnet. This helps us to understand a little bit why the electromagnetic connections from the sun affect us.

Now I will support the above quote with another article from jos:

"When the human soul is correctly aligned, it is in the shape of an inverted cross. This is the hidden meaning of "Thor's Hammer." The cross shape of the human soul is represented by "The Four Quarters", The "Four Directions", and the Four Crowned Princes of Hell in rituals.

  • The front of the body/soul is the North, ruled by the element of earth.

  • The rear/backside of the body is the South, ruled by the element of Fire.

  • The left side of the body is the Negative Pole. Through the left hand, we take in energy. The left side is ruled over by the element of water and is the direction west.

  • The right side is the Positive Pole and is ruled over by the element of air and is the direction east. We direct energy through our right hand.

  • The element of Quintessence/ether is in the center, and in the aura*.

  • Fire and Air are electric.

  • Water and Earth are magnetic."


*(What means "in the aura" ? idk)

So in the end, not only the soul but also the body is a magnet.

And these connections are not limited to this. At the same time, our aura is literally made of electromagnetic waves:

"Each of us has an electro-magnetic field around our bodies. This is what we know as the aura.
Our thoughts and the activity of our brain form a circuit within that aura. Since thoughts and brain activity are electrical impulses, they can be decoded and read. The world powers are well aware of this and with advanced computer technology, are able to decipher a person's thoughts, where they can be received by a special device and the out put is much like when satellite signals are formed into a picture on our TV sets. "


So far we can understand why all the stars affect us.



Sorath is a God of the Sun. He is said to have been Adolf Hitler's Personal Guardian Demon.

Sorath rules the current of energy that deals with the "id", of the human psyche, altered states of consciousness, thought-forms, elementals, the unexplained, unexpected, and the unknown and miracles. Sorath is "The Closer", while Azazel is "The Opener". Sorath The Great God does not like everybody for he is the embodiment of the everlasting black burning Sun alit as night to an everlasting day. His number is seven, and he presides over the Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac of which there exists only one, and his time is any when the Moon is void of course. He Rules from the North.

The mind is very tricky, especially the part we magicians use. The od portion of the mind can do absolutely anything. Satan trusts his own, and no one else with this power. It will not activate for anyone, and if it does it will do so as a terrifying lesson to those who are without who attempt to harness this power. Sorath presides over the “closer part,” the "unknowable mind" current of energy and is the God over the energy emitted by every Sun in the Universe. He rules the center of magnetism and the factor of life for all, along with photogenes and solar power of all kinds.

Sorath stated that all Suns in the Universe affect us, not only our own. Northern fire, the Sun above. Lastly, miracles are not something the Gods cause to happen. The Gods are beyond that. Their world is past the need or understanding of what a miracle is. Miracles come from US. What is a miracle to one may curse another; what is lost can be found by another for example.

– Salem Burke "

But besides that, perhaps we can explain the influence of the planets in the solar system on us, that is, astrology, with what I mentioned above.

But there are a few more thoughts about how exactly astrology can affect us.

So far these are my own conclusions, but from here on it will be what has been talked about in the general astrology community for a long time (I don't know if it has been talked about in Jos forums)

In the 1800s, it was first suggested that the number of sunspots and certain events in the world could be linked.

For example, an increase in the number of sunspots would reduce sunlight, which would worsen the quality of agricultural crops and lead to economic depression.

(It was mentioned in this video:

Later, it was thought that the sunspot cycle and planetary positions were linked.

Inspired by previous research suggesting a link between the relative positions of the planets and the sunspot cycle, John H. Nelson, an engineer, looked for a correlation between specific planetary positions and disturbances* in shortwave radio communications across the North Atlantic.

(*Disturbance = Distortion of radio waves.)

John H. Nelson wrote about his findings in an article in the RCA Review (1951) relating shortwave radio propagation to planetary positions.


Download PDF • 929KB

I will share a few highlights from this article

So, do the angles mentioned here ring a bell?

Interestingly, in astrology, angles like 90 and 180, which are multiples of 90, are very hard, problematic angles; while angles like 120, which is a multiple of 60, are soft.

The article said that radio distortions are at their peak at hard aspects like 90 and 180. Likewise, we see the least distortion at angles like 120.

In other words, the hard aspects of the planets distort the radio waves and the soft aspects distort the radio waves the least. This shows that astrology and observations agree.

The interesting thing about this is that radio waves are electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic waves can affect magnets.

This shows that our soul, which is a magnet, can be influenced by the planets.

This could explain why the positions of the planets affect us.

Still, Nelson's paper would be good to investigate further, we can't take one paper as the definitive truth.

The same goes for the issue of sunspots. The matching of statistics alone cannot give us a definitive conclusion, the mechanism needs to be well explained.

In other words, in this case, it has to be well explained why the number of sunspots triggers certain events in the world, and only then can we come to a definitive conclusion.

A matching statistic is not proof. It can only give us reason to suspect.

At the moment this is all very superficial, but when the time comes we will have Satanist scientists doing serious experiments and observations on astrology and we will be able to talk about it properly.

After all, we will not be hiding in forums forever.

Right now we are spiritually stronger than the Jews and this spiritual superiority will eventually translate into the physical world. Just like in Nazi Germany, Satanic governments, intellectuals and scientists will proliferate worldwide.

If you have any thought of going into any field of science, you should definitely do it. As long as you work hard enough, the Gods will support you.

Part 2

“What we call mass would seem to be nothing but an appearance, and all inertia to be of electromagnetic origin.”
-Henri Poincaré, Science and Method

If there is one thing I am sure of now, it is that electromagnetism is ABSOLUTELY connected with spirituality.

A small sign of this is the Planet Uranus itself:

  • Uranus, along with Neptune and Pluto is of the three outer transcendental planets.

  • Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury and rules genius. (...)

Color: Electric Blue (...)
Symbolism: Technology and the future
Parts of the Body: The magnetic and physical aura, parathyroid gland, the brain and nervous systems.
Area of the Soul: The Aura
Astrologlar, elektrikçiler mühendisler, mucitler, metafizikçiler, kahinler, insani işçiler, pilotlar, bilim adamları, radyo teknisyenleri, yeni ve sıradışı şeylerle çalışan herkes.
Professions: Astrologers, electricians, engineers, inventors, meta-physicians, prognosticators, humanitarian workers, aviators, scientists, radio technicians, all who work with the new and unusual.
Uranus is magnetic and electric, cold and barren
Uranus rules: Electricity, meta-physics, occultism, revolution, rebellion, new and advanced methods, sudden changes, freedom, genius, independence, the original, the erratic, the eccentric, chaos, those who are non-conformists, anarchy, radical ideas, explosions, lightening, upsets, the unexpected, progress, computers, science fiction, the future, technology, the media, impulse, and catastrophes.

The fact that Uranus rules both astrology and astronomy and electricity is a sign to us.

There are a few other findings that support the connection of electromagnetism with spirituality.

First, let us examine the Joy of Satan sources:

"Each of us has an electro-magnetic field around our bodies. This is what we know as the aura. Our thoughts and the activity of our brain form a circuit within that aura. (...)"


What we call our aura is exactly an electromagnetic field and it is this electromagnetic field that protects us from negative energies.

The interesting part of this is that the earth's magnetic field protects the earth from charged particles from the sun that are harmful to life. Just like our aura protects us, the earth protects itself with its magnetic field.

Wherever we look, we constantly encounter electromagnetism in spirituality: The four pillars of the soul, bioelectricity, the aura, etc. Isn't it interesting?

Now I am going to jump into a completely different subject:

The Electric Universe Theory is not only interested in physics, it has research in many other fields such as archaeology, mythology, and they try to connect all sciences.

One very strange thing that scientists researching the Electric Universe have discovered is that stone drawings made centuries or even millennia ago can be reproduced almost exactly the same in the 21st century in plasma laboratories.

As you can see in the image below:


The images in the first two rows are rock arts from hundreds of thousands of years ago, and the bottom two images are from plasma experiments in the 21st century.

They look quite similar, don't they?

The interesting part is that these shapes have a spiritual meaning:


The two images you see above are both called Tree of Life

Yes, yes, you know our Tree of Life, nothing else.

"But it doesn't look like a tree at all!" you might say; this is a symbol, friends, it can be found in many different forms. In the end they will all have the same meaning. But I will show its connection with the tree

First of all, look at this image:

Under the picture, it says the parts of tree represent the lower realm (hell, bad dragon, bad snake), our realm (middle part, and the highest realm (sky, heaven, divine bird).

The tree is basically divided into three parts with roots and branches and each part represents something.

I show how it is divided into three in the image below.

It's quite similar to the rock arts we first saw, isn't it?

This is a picture that is in between the tree drawing and the rock art.

As we see in the tree drawing; the upper side represents celestial beings like stars and the moon;

In the middle you can see people, at the bottom you can see an animal and a few different drawings.

So the message remains the same, only the shape is simplified.

In the pictures below, this shape has been reduced to its simplest form and probably over the generations the true shape of the picture has been forgotten.

If you notice, the plasma-generated shape at the bottom is much closer to the real shape than the stone drawings.

Humanity may forget, but plasma does not.

There is another symbol with the same logic:

"Note on the two Satanic symbols on the far right above, the number 8 is the symbol for infinity/immortality. The 8 is turned on its side. The double cross symbolizes the human soul at the solar [666] and heart/shoulder chakras. The 8 pointed star to the left is the Star of Astaroth. "


The symbol on the left is also the alchemical symbol for sulfur.

"The Devil And Hell Fire

The symbol of Sulfur in Hermetic alchemy is the popular image of the Devil. The Devil is shown red with horns and sometimes goat like features and carries a trident..."


So if I understand correctly, this symbol directly represents Satan.

Also, if you notice, the first picture of the stone that I showed you is much more suitable to represent the chakras because it has 7 protrusions and the protrusions really look like horns. And that shape can also be created in the laboratory with plasma. That's why I think the sulfur symbol was distorted later.

Now coming to my point, maybe the origin of these sacred symbols are plasma formations themselves?

We have already seen that lightning is a life force, so is electricity. Maybe electricity or plasma is something much more sacred, spiritual and all the symbols come from plasma?

I don't know to be honest, we'll probably find out in time.

Since the article is getting very long, I'll just mention a few more things that I realized very quickly and then I'll finish.



Symbolizes energy entering our crown chakra from above. The Satanic Lightning Bolt symbolizes Satan as our True Creator God. The lightning bolt is the life force- the bioelectricity. All point down symbols in Satanism represent energy from above descending and giving life to, and empowering the human soul."

The plasma filaments look just like the kundalini snake. And also:


"The One God" - A Perverted and Stolen Concept, Corrupted by Jews

by High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

I have decided it's important to educate a bit on the important number of the ONE, and what this literally means.

The number one is the number of the undivided, the eternal, the permanent, the 'all that is', basically. This is the formless, the Aether, the void that permeates all creation. It's at the same time, all potentiality. In other words, everything begins with the "One". This is the god-force that is everywhere in creation. Essentially, this is not even 'god', but the all-pervading power of nature, so to say.


Creation does not start with the "ONE". It starts with TWO. As thus Satan has been given the "Two" and was called the "Evil one who Divides", but also at the same time, the ultimate Creator of the Cosmos and perceived reality. This is also the symbolism of the Serpent. It divides and brings together at the same time. The Satanic Serpent is the whole, and the division at the same time.

When something does get 'divided' from this 'whole', as a separate consciousness, this is when creation begins. "

The filaments also separate and merge, just like the kundalini snake, thus forming filaments.

Filamentary structures carry energy throughout the universe.

Plasma structures are life-like structures that can change themselves thanks to electromagnetic forces, and with what I have described above, it seems to me to be very connected to spirituality.

Also, electromagnetism is not just magnets and electricity as you think, ALL EXISTENCE exists thanks to electromagnetic forces. It is the repulsion of electrons that keeps atoms from getting into each other, and this is thanks to the force of electromagnetism. If it were not for this force, no atoms would be able to stand on top of each other and no existence would exist because they would be intertwined.

In one experiment, electricity was used to reveal the basic components of life. I will not describe the experiment, you can examine it yourself.

Another thing that is interesting to me is the astral realm. Astral comes from the word star. I couldn't find a place to connect it, but that's okay.

Maybe the Gods will inform the High Priest or someone else among you about what I have written, because the former High Priest Vovim said:

"More Details will be added when Father Satan decides so"

I know this is all very superficial, but the laws of electricity were not written in a day.

For thousands of years the only thing known about electromagnetism was that some stones could attract wool.

Then some scientists realized that electricity could make frog legs move, then some others found that magnets could cause electric currents, and then Maxwell combined all the data before him and came up with the theory of electromagnetism.

So we are still very early in understanding all this spirituality and occult stuff, but as far as I can see everything we know about spirituality is somehow connected to electromagnetism.

And one more important thing, nobody could have come up with the theory of electromagnetism alone.

With the support and research of all of you we can overcome our ignorance of the occult.

Don't forget to let me know if you discover anything new on top of what I have said.

I may update this article if I realize something new about these topics.

See you then, thanks for reading

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